what ever have been happen in my life, i've through it all. it's not easy to be me but i'm strong enough to patient with anything :)


Nobody ever said that it would be easy,
or that the skies would always be sunny,
When gray days and worrisome times come along,
you need to stay strong.
Know that everything will be okay.

When life has got you down, remember: it's okay to feel vulnerable.
You feel things deeply, and that is a wonderful quality to have.
Rest assured that, in the long run,
the good days will far outnumber the bad ...

What is sometimes perceived as weakness is actually strength.
The more you're bothered by something that's wrong,
the more you're empowered to make things right.
Each day is like a room you spend time in 
before you move to the next.
And in each room ~ filled with possibilities ~
there is a door which leads to more serenity in life.

Leave behind the little worries.
Tomorrow they won't matter,
and next month you may not even remember what they were.
Take the others one at a time,
and you'll be amazed at how your difficulties 
manage to become easier.

Find your smile. 
Warm yourself with your quiet determination
and your knowledge of brighter days ahead.
Do the things that need to be done.
Say the words that need to be said.

Happiness is waiting for you.
Believe in your ability.
Cross your bridges.
Listen to your heart.
Your faith in tomorrow will always help you do what is right,
and it will help you be strong
along the path of life.


Mom :'(

Mom's..  i can't discribe everything  bout u mom, how hard is it to be a mom like u.. evrything happen n what u do is a lesson in my life, if not i'll not noe how to survive..
I'm not asking u to give me everything i want, i'm not asking u a attension for me, i'm just want u to pray for me to be in good condition and having a happinest life with a success result. :)
I noe u're strong while u stand alone with 5children n i'm still in high school.. thats why i don't want anything from u.
U make me cry.. :'(


Hurt ??

Haishh! To be in love, lie always happen to hide the truth from a people u love coz u know thats gonna hurt him the most..
I'm standing here, want to give some advice for those who having a hard time with <3..

honey, don't be too in love bcoz when u feel hurt u can't let him go.. but some people said the important things to 
Believe each other but it can't be bcoz every relationship have a curious feelings on his partner right?

So, don't feel soo in love when it's not confirm yet.. honestly i'm afraid.... :(


We Are the Girls in This Family :D

Yeay ! only Three of us.. :) Sometimes we are like a family sometimes we are like a jerk. HAHA ! Sorry Sister... i'm the only one u'r Youngers sister.. i know i'm the most Stubborn than others but believe me.. anything i do i'll think deeply for not disappointed u ols dear.. :D
Ni MAS lah... Everything have been happen in her life okay and Finally i'm still alive :) 

Cik Guy and Cik Pah, Adik mu akan selalu disisi selalu.. Chewahh! Xboleh blah je rase nak berkasih sayang Kome.. HAHA !  Cik Guy banyak membantu aku dalam pelbagai aspek
Cik Pah ! Banyak memberi aku bebelan Sentimental dan Fizikal. Muahahaha! <3 U guys !


Kenduri Kendara :D

Hello friend ! Ni nk ceritera cikit ler... 12.1.2012 teman poie kenduri kawan tmpt keje teman. . Alang2 nk poie brjalan ngn kwn sekolah teman si fara ngn wani tu, teman ngajok ler deme poie kenduri nih... deme dok malu datang ajo ler... HAHA!  Udah rhope bahase ape teman pakai ni. haha!  Pangkal cerita sambil mlepaskn rindu dapat gi kenduri.. 



aku start bekerja kat kenny rogers tu time aku from4... mmg best gile time dulu2..sume ade tanggungjawab , ade kerjasama mmg syok keje walaupon time tu gaji agak sedikit.. HUHU..tapi sebab seronok kerja tu gaji sikit pon aku keje jgk hampir 3thun jgk... cuti sem plak aku keje kenny jgk tapi kt empire.. tapi xsemeriah dulu... rami da bnti wat haluan masing2.. bile dpt kmpol same2 tu mmg syok.. HUHU..


Perjalanan melengkapkan report lalu :D

Sedang dalam proses semua pljar poli melangsaikn urusan terakhir report industrial training, aku dan rakan melencong ke pangkalan balak melaka..HAHAHA! Choyy ! Skema ayt aku.. tapi xpe, report jln jgk walaupun berjln je kje. HAHA ! Xpla, xnk jalan da... nk quarantine la. Money oh money !
:(  nobody can help me...
It'd okay la. Rezeki dimne2... chill la mas... hehehe... everything gonna be okay..


IJM tempat latihan ku :)

Lame sgt xupdate blog, skali update sume aku nk ceritainye pn kn... Dah hampir sebulan aku meninggalkn ijm.. but nk belanje gmbr cikit... haha.. rindu IJM plk mehh.. choyyy! Tgh kje nk blah, da blah nk kje plk.. choyyy!
Tunggu cerita seterusnye selepas ini... hikhik.. :D

Makan yop ! IT Support team :D

Nie die orang2 yang menyengalkan aku HAHA ! :D


Semester baru telah bermula !

Oh yeahh! Sem baru lebih advance..  segalanye bjalan dengan lancar.. but ! Lebih mngecewekan kls kami telah dibhagi dua.. ohmen! Tgal 17 org je?? It's okey la. Easy to focus on study.. project?? Group already choosen.. r we ready for project?? -,-   still sleepy.. HAHA.. pray 4 us fwenzz... :D

Belanje gambar Group Project aku :)
My gengs from start in POLI :)

Housemate and my twins.. Mastina n Maslina :D


everyday is my tired day!

hai bloger! mas sini sedang sgt kepenatan.. working everyday, 7days, 25hours.. HAHA..
what to do? want some more money.. to get what i want...
nak tw ape x?? hehehe... 
yeahhh!! ni la yang aku nk... Galaxy W..Sape2 leh jual murah2 lai lai lai... aku nk beli. HAHA..
walaupon xseberape dan xmengikut pekembangan dunia sgt...
mane yg mampu jela... ekot trend kang kering kontang la poket jawabnyee...
ape yg penting skrg BAJET HIDUP! HiHiHi...
keje 2 tempat leh watkan badan aku ade bunyik KreeeKK KreKK...
tu tandenye tulang da longgar.. HAHA...
tw x aku keje mne lg 1? xkan la xtw.. mesti lah Kenny Rogers... mne lg nk amk aku keje yg kejap2 nie..
memandangkan da berthun keje kenny tu.. stay for a while jela.. HeHeHe.. :D
okeyh la tu wat mlm nie... time to SLEEP! 
dah lambat dah nie... sepatutnye tido KOL10... da lmbt 40minit... HAHA!
Gudnytezz Uolsss... ZZzzzzzz.. :/



HAHAHA! everyone like FRIDAY... what would be if everyday is friday and sunday? HAHA! just twist the friday and sunday only.. soo much fun for everyone... one day works, tomorrow for rest... go back work.. and rest again..HAHA! people would be too lazy if this happen.. :D



did u ever feel wanna go like this place? yesss! i did..feel calm.. alone.. and survive... 
please take me there... so many people around me.. it's to noisy.. it's too buzy... it's too crowded... it's too distrubed... can i be alone for a second? 



feel like i wanna walk away alone like this...far away! :(
can i ?? yes i can.. u know why? coz i don't want to make a trouble to others...
SORRYY! for someone that diserve to forgive me... where the peacefull place i should go right now? 
i feel distrubed to be in this crowded place.. i wanna go away for my self... see! i don't have so much time for my self... i've no life!


Cerita Raya Aku di Thailand!

Ini cerite raya aku yg hampir nak luput.. HAHA.. Lambat gilak nk post.. xteringat plak sy dibuatnyee... HeHe...aku xRaye ..TAPI, bbercuti.. maklum la.. org kmpg aku xsmbut Raye dgn meriah.. HiHi..
 i just want to share with u some pic for uollss.. :)
posing ditepi pantai yg indah...:)

cantik kan? Biruuuuu.. HiHi..

My brother n sister crazy! HAHA..

come with scary speed boot about 2Hours! Uwweeekk2!

Sampan pulaa.. HeHe...

infront of Koh Lipe..
Thanks for Reading and viewing.. :D


I'am BacK!!

Hallooo... kite sini kembali lgi nye pon adui... HAHA!..
bile da kesempitan aku pon ambik la kesempatan utk Cri sesuatu keuntungan..
TadaaaaAA... hehe.. this is the place that i be back for a while.. HAHA!
ottokee?? Pleaseee make my life easier than before... :(
It's hard for me to stay without anything...
by the way.. the person beside me in the pic is my bestties.. HeHeHe..
she always with me even we are too far with u..
Thanks Fatin Hashim! :) don't u ever2 believe the others more.. u do know me better.. HeHe..
Skrg KRR kan da nek gaji.. walaupun xbyk mane Tpi ade hati lgi la aku nk kijoo.. HiHi.. :D
Thats all for today.. be nice with me.. :)


manusia mudah lupa??

manusia mudah lupa kan.?? kalau kau tggu jawapan dari blog aku xleh nk jawab.. 
firstly, i'm really2 easier to 4get everything happen... 
mudah kan? thats means, u'r sorry can accepted.. 
in my life now, dosen't have fully hate about u..
can be pity on u..
i'm not soo cruel like u thinking.. 
seriously i'm never be enemy 4 others.. 
will be easy like this.. anything about u. whatever u do. whatever happen around u..
will be yours.. i don't interesting to interfrem, i don't easier distrubing other person.. 
but if u don't mind to share with me.. i'll be loyal listener 4 u..
it's up to you to think what gonna happen about us after this.
my decision is zero zero... 
i'm almost 4get everything at the past.. 
dosen't mean anything 4 me to keep thinking about the past.. 
our age keep going up n up n up.. 
lets we learn how to life..
okay... ? nice knowing u.. 


my practikal place..

9 July 2012.. i'm starting my practikal at IJM corporation.. 
rumah sewa? hmm. agak byk menghabiskan duit aku..  :(
kos tanggungan diri yg semakin meningkat menikam tulang rusukk.. hahah.. 
KEJE?? just okey.. everybody around me very nice n very close with me.. 
a thousand knowledge i learn from here.. they always ask me to stay work here after finish study.. 
great! they appreciate me.. HAHA.. 
big SMILE from me.. :D
picture above it's not my team..
they not a practikal student .. they like partime work...  



hey guys! lama xupdate segala blog, fesbook.. HAHA.. 
masing-masing sedang bermuhasabah diri untuk ke dewan final exm.. 
sound scary kan... it's okey.. everything gonna be okay.. 
(ayat sedapkan hati) HAHA...
sape xnervous kan.. ni lah penentu mase depan aku.. 1paper failed xleh gi LI ma... banyak susah hati woo.. 
okey! i'll try it no matter how hard it is.. 
frenz! lets we pray for our exam.. to get the best result and prove it to the world that DIP is not the stupid student such as what people thinking about us.. 
aku tak tau camane aku nk jadi seorang yg yakin... 
mungkin terlalu rendah diri aku membuatkan aku rase so stupid.. mybe... one day i'll thruly find what programmer it is..:)

to get 'A' is not easy.. BUT it is imposible
(ayat yg aku pegang dr sekolah rendah.. HAHA...



i miss him so much...
i love him so much...
i like him so much...
i want him so damn much...
i wanna with him forever...

i'll give my heart..
i'll give my soul...
i'll give my everything.. 

i'll take you a part of my life..
i'll take you being my husband..
i'll take care of you.. of your heart... 

how much i love you... 
is very very very much... 
if you heard deep inside my heart telling the truth..
i'll stay together with you untill the end.. 
even though if happen u'r not destined for me..
i'll wait 4 u.. see you from a far... 
i hope u'll not ever ever leave me... 
if that happen.. i'll life in the darkness...
pray for us...:)


miss something..

wait n wait n wait.. untill when? i don't know.. will be or not.. hmm.. miss our memories.. should i remember all that memories? or should i throw it like a rubbish? what gonna make us change like before? i miss all damn much! what should i do? its that only me have to fight for this love? mybe i should drop down my ego..but how about him.. nothing to discuss just kept silent and pretend like nothing happen.. if like that..nothing gonna change.. empty in my heart.. it's nothing... doesn't know anything.. what gonna happen after this? stay or leave.. decision is on his hand.. 


jadual exam yg xmenepati citarasa!

hye guys! i want to complain about final exam scedule! scedule is killing us...hopefully i'll do it better..evendo it's hard for us.. but please pray for us catch the point to achieve!
at 24.april.2012 we've 2 paper to fight with.. both r hard2 paper.. HOHO.. data structure n object oriented programming..so scaryy... 25.april2012 marketing in IT.. 26.april.2012 computer network..lastly 30.april2012 database system... i'll do it to never failed just to pass the paper.. :)
don't be stack like the picture above..HOHO..please come to me stdy mood.. hihihi..


walking without reason :D

this saturday..  we have walking at jaya jusco with ika, iffy and ana maria! yeehaa... n u know what happen at jaya jusco? haha.. we've been crazy! haha.. firsly we go buy a john carter tickets.. butt!! the tickets is 9.00pm.. oh damm! this time is 4pm.. what we have to do for 5hours here? okey... we go to eat about to hour to eat... just wanna waste time.. haha.. walking one step for 10second.. haha.. that crazy! but have fun!:)
after that, we've no plan.. and go to bowling.. okey, bowling system very2 slow.. mybe he understand we want to waste time.. hahaha.. u ols know what! after bowling we want to go down stairs by acceletor.. we go down but i go up.. hahaha.. everyone watching my show that day.. hahaha... shame on mee!! haha..

anyway.. we have FUN! :)


hey guys! we see again.. HEHE.. 
less than 5weeks final exam will come.. 
ouch!! is scary me... 
the question that always appear in my head..
the answer is NONE!
wake up mas! exam is around the corner..
if u not start from now, everything will change...
okey i got it! my heart telling the truth... 
mybe on 22.4.2012 exam will be start..:)

subject that i take for final exam.. 
1) database system
2) object-oriented programming
3) data structure
4) computer network
5) marketing in IT

sume subject taf2 belake.. 


kerana cuti yang lama!

hai kwan2 blogger.. hari ni, malam ni aku nk berceloteh cikit disebabkan cuti terlampau banyak yang membosankannnnn... hehehe..
minggu ni asl da siap nk gi kls je kelas takde...
kecewe sy tw (dalam hati seronok actually) HAHAHA!
asal balik je online la, tido la... bosan sangat tw!
 meh tengok pic2 depan rumah je.. 
(on the way patah balik rumah)
pedulikan mulut aku tu.. hahaha...

3org sahabat.. :)


cuti no1! :)

nak tw x??besokk kami kelas DIP xde kelas... :D
bukan sng nk dapat hari yang indah cmni tw x.. HAHA!..
xpela.. lect bermurah hati nak bg cuti nak wat camane.. HEHE... 
TAPI kan.. aku rase mcm bodo jela sem ni.. xtw nape..
stdy pon kurang.. kalo dok kamsis ni stdy xkira mase.. skg?? hampeh jee.. 
ape la nk jadi ng aku niiii... 
cuti laju je.. blaja xjgk.. huhuhu...
dok umh sewa ni payah beno nk bkak bukunyee poonn.. hahaha
xpela.. walau camane pon aku kene cube jgk! xmaw leka mas!!!!
nti ape pon xjadi.. huhuh.. 
doakan utk kite berjaya tw sem niii... :)


lazy monday!

OMG!! i really2 tired to go class today..
this morning we all ready to go class but..
i've got message from assistant class that the class hve been cancel..
oh yeah bebeh!! HAHA... we go back home and eat and sleep.. 
after this BI class.. i want to go or don't wanna go.. 
HAHA.. okeh! i'm lazy! bck to sleep! HAHAHA... bye!!


what i see, what i heard, what people said...

tonight i want to discribe all the things that have been happen in a longggg time..
i know u'll read this thing.. coz that i want..
i know is hard to be in u'r place..but if i in u'r place..
i'll change to be better than what people said..
not doing the same thing that people doesn't like...
use u'r brain! be matured! think deeply okeh..
no body like to advance someone many times!
i'll story about u at here! about anything people said!
anything people see! anything people thinking about YOU!
u listen carefully!

in second semester.. our friendship being distant, being too far..
coz of u! what r u thinking that time?? r u lost u'r mind or somethinngg?? damn!
u've play game with us.. u said "30sen aku hilang aku nak balik teluk intan mlm ni jgk"
i've been tired advise u to come back home!
maybe that time i still consider u as my friend i want go out to find u at 1o'clock! and that time is raining!
but u trik us! u get out of the bushes with a big laugh! WTH!
u think i'm stupid?? whats do u mean u lost 30sen fucking?? that mean one of us is 10sen right?? how dare u speak without using u'r mind!! i'll remember 4ever ok! the most worse thing when i see u pussy face! arghh!!  WTH! face like a shit!! and u write on u'r FB worse thing about us! u think like we doesn't know u writen for who?? stupid! i knnow anything!! what u said ?? "hipokrit" "talam dua muka" "muka cantik tapi hati busuk" ape lagi??!! too many ok! is too hurt we thinking of u'r attitude! make me crazy like u!  after so many time u hurt us even i've forget the other.. we all slow talk and forgive each other n we together again.. untill u follow us move on to new house.. BUT... u dind't again.. how come u.. hmmm..

third semester...
we all stay with peace in a short time... not until a month... we have fight again in also coz of u! whats u'r problem?? infront of us u be kindness person, behind us u stab back us?? what kind of person u r?? or u r like animal?? HAHA.. almost same laa...u write in u'r FB " terbaik la kome2" is that wrong thing that we done?? but, before u write the word we all like usually.. ape yg kaw xpueh hati yop! when ika ask what u'r prob this time? u said " aku saje je" after that u deactive u'r acc FB.. WTH! is that clearly that u write that is for us!  to who u want to direct that words! after that u actived u'r second acc FB that old name is kamek gerek kitak right?? u change the name being "menyeh slamber" n u block three of us.. i know la.. u'r attitude same like a bullshit! i know la u have too many deception...only a person like u like to do this stupid things!
after that occured 1 incident where u'r stupid BF has climb the window on our bedroom to find u!! hey fucking!! u think we all don't have dignity??!! what if one of us changes clothes or something!! u can see it free of charge JANTAN SIAL!!! and yati hve been shout on u like a step mother! like this " kau buat ape kt sini! kau keluar la!! xmalu ke panjat rumah anak dara!!! " HAHA.. i like! and u'r BF feel challenged with us n i know u've do something yg menjatuhkan maruah yati.. someone has been doing dishonor thing about yati... u know what? mybe u'r BF doing accFB "Azriyati sabri II" and u put the info on it "club sex" u put the pic album is all PORN PIC!! n u add all friends from PUO.. u know what? coz of this we'll never ever forgive u n eccept u anymore! i suggest u get out of this house and we all over! this problem cannot be solve if still in this house! get out!!!!but.... if this not u'r fault u prove it infront three of us! we have evidence that u r fault!! after that we want to go report police but someone of our friends had told us that that acc FB azriyati sabri II have been deactived! oh! r u affraid ? HAHAHA.. so funny la boy! jantan takde kotey!! lg 1.. yati sorang je friend ng laki ko.. that y la die wat acc FB yati.. bodo kan laki ko...

hey friends.. u know what we heard, what we see... kitorg ni ramai mata2! egat tuu!! dulu, ika penah tanye ko," btol ke ko syg kt can tu??" kau kate ape??  " aku syg sgt kkt die" jadi ika xjadi cerite kt ko tkot hubungan kau n die rosak.. pkwe ko tu dala xcurang.. sebok nak mengorat shima bdk DPU  dri sem 1 sampai skrg... shima tu kwan dila la weh bdk umh iffy yg kau kutuk tuuu.. kau kata die ape?? "nabi xmengaku umat??" hahaha.. org yg berzina depan rumah tu nabi mengaku umat la ek?? sungguh xde agama! sambung balik cte tdi... ade ke baru2 ni si shima tu cerite pkwe kesayangan ko xmengaku ade awek.. jadi ko tu sape pade die?? pmpn simpanan die kottt... mybee...pkwe ko ckp kt shima la kan.. bukan aku yg wat cerite ponn..
nak dijadikan cerite lagi! sumber daripada alynn die kate " can tu suke melaga2kan org kan" nk tw kenape die ckp cmtu?? dlm mase sama die couple ng ko die kuar ng athirah bdk umh alin.. jap2 plak die kuar ng shima bdk umh alin jgk.. waduh! pandainye ko jantan sial! ape yg jadi?? athirah ng shima masing cemburu antre satu sama lain.. tpi nseb bek shima cpt sedar.. die bayar balik sume yg pkwe ko tabur kt die semata2 utk amik hati dok tabur budii... ko xegt ke mase kitorg rapat ng die dulu si pkwe ko cbe nk melagakan kite jgk? ko dok tido laki ko dok skype ng ika. apehal ek?? HAHA.. ko xde laki ko dok chat ng aku... lg la aku xphm... dahtu, dok blnje kitorg xde sbbtah apehal.. lg la aku xphm.. pastu tulis kt FB kate kitorg XKENANG BUDI ek?? lawak la weh! padahal.. cikit pon xminx.. kalo xikhlas xpyh wat!! BODOH! sumber dr org lain plak die kate can balik t'ganu dgn seorg pmpn lainn?? OMG! xtw la sape kan.. aku dah kate kitorg ni byk mata2! ade ke pkwe xmengaku awek dpn pmpn lain.. kau yg bodoh dok percaye laki ko tu sgt.. padahal die lah buaya! luaran xmengambarkan dalaman oke! ko tu yg terkene kejutan budaya sgt kt sini.. mcm xpenah keluar bandar plak perangai kau kan.. adeh! ssh ade org cm ko... laki ko tu xleh membimbing ko tw x.. lg dok soh wat keje BODO! dahtu laki ko dok tulis mcm2 kt FB psl kitorg.. kononnye kitorg xtw la kan..laki bini sama je.. mcm HARAM! dala! aku da penat berceloteh kt sini! kalo ade ape2 pertanyaan silalah tanye aku ok!

kaau kene ingat bkan mudah kami nk lupekan ape yg jadi! mgkin kitorg boleh maafkan tp bukan mase yg terdekat nii... dan xmgkin kitorg boleh anggap ko sebagai kawan lagi! okeh?? senang la ko ckp "memaafkan dan bbuat baik pahalanye atas tangungan Allah" tpi aku rase serik dah kawan ng ko.. kau clear x?? lebih baik kau keluar jela kalo masing xmaw wat dose.. xckp lebih 3 ari dah dose... lebih baik kau dok ng pkcik ko jela.. kmi dah xlarat nk jage ko.. oh! lpe plak.. kalo ko dok ng pkcik ko, ko xleh kuar mlm lak.. xleh lepak depan umh smpi 5 6 pagi.. ssh2... ish2! tpi aku tabik kt ko sbb xreti malu.. dah kene tengking ng org masjid la, kene ceramah dgn lect la sebb berdating dpn umh tpi ko serik! ko wat lagi.. meluat aku! hahaha..

tpi sekrg kmi bebas.. kmi da jauh ng ko.. lantak la org nk kate kitorg jahat tgalkan ko sorg2 gi kls sorg2 sume sorg2... dowg xtw ape yg ko wat lagi dasyat!! ko gi kls wat muke kesian.. alolo. aku tgok pon kesian.. da balik rumah ko wat mke taik.. alolo.. pandainye ko berlakon... org cm ko xptot hidup aku rase.. menyusahkan org! mk bpk ko kt rumah punye lah caye ko dok sini belajar xkuar mlm camane ko kt kmpg tu.. padahal... ish2!! ok la.. aku ckp pon utk pengetahuan ko je.. we're finish ok.. aku da ckp semuanye!!
ko pikir ko je boleh wat jahat?? ko xtgok jahat aku lg kott.... k chaw!


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