what ever have been happen in my life, i've through it all. it's not easy to be me but i'm strong enough to patient with anything :)


Nobody ever said that it would be easy,
or that the skies would always be sunny,
When gray days and worrisome times come along,
you need to stay strong.
Know that everything will be okay.

When life has got you down, remember: it's okay to feel vulnerable.
You feel things deeply, and that is a wonderful quality to have.
Rest assured that, in the long run,
the good days will far outnumber the bad ...

What is sometimes perceived as weakness is actually strength.
The more you're bothered by something that's wrong,
the more you're empowered to make things right.
Each day is like a room you spend time in 
before you move to the next.
And in each room ~ filled with possibilities ~
there is a door which leads to more serenity in life.

Leave behind the little worries.
Tomorrow they won't matter,
and next month you may not even remember what they were.
Take the others one at a time,
and you'll be amazed at how your difficulties 
manage to become easier.

Find your smile. 
Warm yourself with your quiet determination
and your knowledge of brighter days ahead.
Do the things that need to be done.
Say the words that need to be said.

Happiness is waiting for you.
Believe in your ability.
Cross your bridges.
Listen to your heart.
Your faith in tomorrow will always help you do what is right,
and it will help you be strong
along the path of life.


Mom :'(

Mom's..  i can't discribe everything  bout u mom, how hard is it to be a mom like u.. evrything happen n what u do is a lesson in my life, if not i'll not noe how to survive..
I'm not asking u to give me everything i want, i'm not asking u a attension for me, i'm just want u to pray for me to be in good condition and having a happinest life with a success result. :)
I noe u're strong while u stand alone with 5children n i'm still in high school.. thats why i don't want anything from u.
U make me cry.. :'(


Hurt ??

Haishh! To be in love, lie always happen to hide the truth from a people u love coz u know thats gonna hurt him the most..
I'm standing here, want to give some advice for those who having a hard time with <3..

honey, don't be too in love bcoz when u feel hurt u can't let him go.. but some people said the important things to 
Believe each other but it can't be bcoz every relationship have a curious feelings on his partner right?

So, don't feel soo in love when it's not confirm yet.. honestly i'm afraid.... :(


We Are the Girls in This Family :D

Yeay ! only Three of us.. :) Sometimes we are like a family sometimes we are like a jerk. HAHA ! Sorry Sister... i'm the only one u'r Youngers sister.. i know i'm the most Stubborn than others but believe me.. anything i do i'll think deeply for not disappointed u ols dear.. :D
Ni MAS lah... Everything have been happen in her life okay and Finally i'm still alive :) 

Cik Guy and Cik Pah, Adik mu akan selalu disisi selalu.. Chewahh! Xboleh blah je rase nak berkasih sayang Kome.. HAHA !  Cik Guy banyak membantu aku dalam pelbagai aspek
Cik Pah ! Banyak memberi aku bebelan Sentimental dan Fizikal. Muahahaha! <3 U guys !


Kenduri Kendara :D

Hello friend ! Ni nk ceritera cikit ler... 12.1.2012 teman poie kenduri kawan tmpt keje teman. . Alang2 nk poie brjalan ngn kwn sekolah teman si fara ngn wani tu, teman ngajok ler deme poie kenduri nih... deme dok malu datang ajo ler... HAHA!  Udah rhope bahase ape teman pakai ni. haha!  Pangkal cerita sambil mlepaskn rindu dapat gi kenduri.. 



aku start bekerja kat kenny rogers tu time aku from4... mmg best gile time dulu2..sume ade tanggungjawab , ade kerjasama mmg syok keje walaupon time tu gaji agak sedikit.. HUHU..tapi sebab seronok kerja tu gaji sikit pon aku keje jgk hampir 3thun jgk... cuti sem plak aku keje kenny jgk tapi kt empire.. tapi xsemeriah dulu... rami da bnti wat haluan masing2.. bile dpt kmpol same2 tu mmg syok.. HUHU..


Perjalanan melengkapkan report lalu :D

Sedang dalam proses semua pljar poli melangsaikn urusan terakhir report industrial training, aku dan rakan melencong ke pangkalan balak melaka..HAHAHA! Choyy ! Skema ayt aku.. tapi xpe, report jln jgk walaupun berjln je kje. HAHA ! Xpla, xnk jalan da... nk quarantine la. Money oh money !
:(  nobody can help me...
It'd okay la. Rezeki dimne2... chill la mas... hehehe... everything gonna be okay..


IJM tempat latihan ku :)

Lame sgt xupdate blog, skali update sume aku nk ceritainye pn kn... Dah hampir sebulan aku meninggalkn ijm.. but nk belanje gmbr cikit... haha.. rindu IJM plk mehh.. choyyy! Tgh kje nk blah, da blah nk kje plk.. choyyy!
Tunggu cerita seterusnye selepas ini... hikhik.. :D

Makan yop ! IT Support team :D

Nie die orang2 yang menyengalkan aku HAHA ! :D


Semester baru telah bermula !

Oh yeahh! Sem baru lebih advance..  segalanye bjalan dengan lancar.. but ! Lebih mngecewekan kls kami telah dibhagi dua.. ohmen! Tgal 17 org je?? It's okey la. Easy to focus on study.. project?? Group already choosen.. r we ready for project?? -,-   still sleepy.. HAHA.. pray 4 us fwenzz... :D

Belanje gambar Group Project aku :)
My gengs from start in POLI :)

Housemate and my twins.. Mastina n Maslina :D


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