what ever have been happen in my life, i've through it all. it's not easy to be me but i'm strong enough to patient with anything :)

We Are the Girls in This Family :D

Yeay ! only Three of us.. :) Sometimes we are like a family sometimes we are like a jerk. HAHA ! Sorry Sister... i'm the only one u'r Youngers sister.. i know i'm the most Stubborn than others but believe me.. anything i do i'll think deeply for not disappointed u ols dear.. :D
Ni MAS lah... Everything have been happen in her life okay and Finally i'm still alive :) 

Cik Guy and Cik Pah, Adik mu akan selalu disisi selalu.. Chewahh! Xboleh blah je rase nak berkasih sayang Kome.. HAHA !  Cik Guy banyak membantu aku dalam pelbagai aspek
Cik Pah ! Banyak memberi aku bebelan Sentimental dan Fizikal. Muahahaha! <3 U guys !


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