what ever have been happen in my life, i've through it all. it's not easy to be me but i'm strong enough to patient with anything :)

manusia mudah lupa??

manusia mudah lupa kan.?? kalau kau tggu jawapan dari blog aku xleh nk jawab.. 
firstly, i'm really2 easier to 4get everything happen... 
mudah kan? thats means, u'r sorry can accepted.. 
in my life now, dosen't have fully hate about u..
can be pity on u..
i'm not soo cruel like u thinking.. 
seriously i'm never be enemy 4 others.. 
will be easy like this.. anything about u. whatever u do. whatever happen around u..
will be yours.. i don't interesting to interfrem, i don't easier distrubing other person.. 
but if u don't mind to share with me.. i'll be loyal listener 4 u..
it's up to you to think what gonna happen about us after this.
my decision is zero zero... 
i'm almost 4get everything at the past.. 
dosen't mean anything 4 me to keep thinking about the past.. 
our age keep going up n up n up.. 
lets we learn how to life..
okay... ? nice knowing u.. 


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