what ever have been happen in my life, i've through it all. it's not easy to be me but i'm strong enough to patient with anything :)

my practikal place..

9 July 2012.. i'm starting my practikal at IJM corporation.. 
rumah sewa? hmm. agak byk menghabiskan duit aku..  :(
kos tanggungan diri yg semakin meningkat menikam tulang rusukk.. hahah.. 
KEJE?? just okey.. everybody around me very nice n very close with me.. 
a thousand knowledge i learn from here.. they always ask me to stay work here after finish study.. 
great! they appreciate me.. HAHA.. 
big SMILE from me.. :D
picture above it's not my team..
they not a practikal student .. they like partime work...  


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